Excellence in Senior Leadership - Engineering


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This award champions the exceptional achievements of female engineers who occupy important leadership positions within their companies. The judges will be looking for experienced professionals who are making significant contributions to their company, clients, projects, and to the industry by demonstrating leadership, innovation, and excellence in their role.

Entry is by a 5-page A4 PDF submission; the judges ask you to address the key criteria set out below in a clear written manner, laying out any supporting material – e.g., photos, plans, graphics, videos, etc. – in a clear and understandable manner.

  • Career Summary: Provide a succinct overview of their career, highlighting milestones and major achievements. Showcase their evolution as a senior leader in the construction industry.
  • Impact on their Business: Outline the person's impact on the overall success and growth of their business or organisation, highlighting specific achievements.
  • Innovation and Leadership: Highlight how they use innovative methods, strong leadership, and excellent communication skills to drive positive change, achieve business outcomes, and inspire others.
  • Sample Project: Highlight at least one project from the past 18 months which they were heavily involved in. Quantify its success, both in terms of the project goals achieved and their impact on the project outcome. The latter could include making informed and strategic choices, managing teams and resources effectively, overcoming challenges, demonstrating innovation/collaboration/problem solving, etc.
  • Supporting Testimonials: Include testimonials from senior professionals connected to the nominee that speak to their leadership qualities, impact, and overall contributions to the company and industry.

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